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Public consultation on financial innovation

Development of financial market innovation provides significant benefits for the economy but also contains risks that have to be managed. Therefore, the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic has prepared a public consultation on the subject. Although the consultation is only in Czech language, your input on the subject in English language is also welcome.


Public consultation – Corporate Bond Scorecard 2.0

The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic publishes a proposal of the Corporate Bond Scorecard 2.0 for public consultation. It is already the second version of this document and its purpose is to provide investors, who are not experienced in such a kind of investment, a simple and fast tool for initial evaluation of bonds.


Macroeconomic Forecast - January 2020

The Macroeconomic Forecast is prepared on a quarterly basis. It contains a forecast for the current and following years and for certain indicators an outlook for another 2 years.