Accessibility Declaration


The public information portal of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic has been created respecting accessibility and barrier-free guidelines in such a way that it complies with all the accessibility principles under valid legislation and technological standards, in particular the amendment to Act No 365/2000 on public administration information systems, and Decree of the Ministry of the Interior No 64/2008 on the form of publishing information related to the exercise of public administration via web sites for persons with a disability (Accessibility Decree).

Published information is presented using the HTML5 markup language, the appearance is formatted using the CSS style sheet language, and some elements to improve the user experience use JavaScript and the popular jQuery open-source library.

Text sizes are indicated in relative units and can be enlarged according to need using user settings. The portal does not use cookies and its content is accessible through the majority of available internet browsers. In the case of older versions of browsers (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer 6) minor deviations in the display of the provided content are permitted, yet the content remains fully accessible by the user.

The declaration above does not apply to the following parts of the portal, namely the following integrated or linked applications such as ARES, ARIS – RARIS, CEDR, Nestátní neziskové organizace (NGOs), FKVS, Plátci DPH (VAT payers), Plátci SD (Consumption Tax Payers) and ISPROFIN.



Links in text are underlined. A link directing to another website is labelled with an inclined arrow pointing upwards. A shortcut or link in the navigational structure announcing related content in a different part of the navigational structure is labelled using an inclined arrow pointing downwards.

Information presented in different formats

Some published information is available on the portal in non-web formats, in particular where appropriate for user comfort due to its scope or complex formatting. This can also apply in cases where frequent downloading of a file and subsequent off-line work with it is anticipated. Such information is primarily published in PDF format, or alternatively in Microsoft Office formats.

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