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The Organisational Committee of National Coordination Group is established at the Ministry of Finance to provide organisational and administrative support for the changeover process.

Ministry of Finance launched website -

To improve awareness of the Czech public and in accordance with the National Plan for the introduction of the euro in the Czech Republic launched in March 2007 website The content page content corresponds to the National Organizing Committee Coordination Group; pages are mostly information and educational in nature.

The site provides basic information about the euro and the euro area (brief history of monetary integration, information on the euro banknotes and coins, etc.). A separate section is devoted to effects of the introduction of the euro for the Czech economy (the benefits of a common currency for consumers and businesses, the implementation of the Maastricht convergence criteria, adopted in one scenario the introduction of the euro, ensuring institutional, etc.).

In the documents can be found training information for specific subjects. There will be legislation related to the introduction of the euro, government documents and keep processed methodical lyrics (rounding methodology and alignment of the amounts recommendations for entrepreneurs, tools to protect consumers against unjustified price increases, and others).

The Organising Committee of the National Coordinating Group for the introduction of the euro

The National Euro Changeover Plan for the Czech Republic in its hardcopy

The Organisational Committee of National Coordination Group has published the plan in both Czech and English version. This document covers the technical, legislative and organisational preparations for the future introduction of euro in the Czech Republic. This document will be disseminated through the network of centres for information on EU, professional associations and other relevant entities.A hardcopy of the "National Changeover Plan" can be ordered by mail to

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