Organisation Chart

Organisation chart of Ministry of Finance

Minister Section

Minister of Finance: Zbyněk Stanjura

Deputy Minister: Roman Binder

Deputy Minister: Jiří Valenta

Deputy Minister: Marek Mora

Section 02 - ICT and Project Management

Director General: Radoslav Bulíř 

Section 03 - Economics and Operations

Managed by Representative: Michal Kříž

Section 04 - Financial Management and Audit

Director General: Jiří Fojtík 

Section 05 - Taxes and Customs

Director General: Stanislav Kouba 

Section 06 - Public Budgets

Director General: Karel Tyll 

Section 07 - European Union and International Relations

Director General: Jiří Georgiev 

Section 08 - State Secretary

State Secretary: Eva Kejlová 

Section 09 - State Property

Director General: Veronika Peřinová  

Section 10 - Economic Strategies and Policies

Director General: David Prušvic 

Section 11 - Legal

Director General: Martina Matejová 

Section 12 - Financial Markets

Director General: Dušan Hradil 

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