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Annual Investment Treaty Arbitration Conference

The annual conference covering the issues of international investment arbitration, organized by the Ministry of Finance of the CR since 2011, serves as an international forum for the exchange of experience with investment disputes between prominent attorneys and experts in the field of international investment law with their counterparts from the public sector, in particular state counsels representing interests of their respective states in such disputes, for whom the conference is primarily intended.


Survey of macroeconomic forecasts – November 2021

The survey of macroeconomic forecasts (the so-called Colloquium), which is carried out by the Ministry of Finance (MoF), aims to ascertain the opinion of relevant institutions on the future development of the Czech economy and to assess key trends the participating institutions envisage in their forecasts.


Shares and other equities held by government

Information on participation of general government in the capital of private and public corporations in respect of economically significant amounts – as required by paragraph 3 of Article 14 Chapter VI of COUNCIL DIRECTIVE No 2011/85/EU.