Basic Information

Information about the State Debt.


Targets and Criteria

The main goal of the state debt management by Ministry of Finance is to provide for the borrowing requirement and the payment obligations of the central government.

Financial Instruments

Treasury bills, Savings Government bonds, Medium-term and long-term Treasury Bonds (T-BONDS), Repo operations, Loans from international financial institutions and Derivate operations.

Risk Management

Risk management is clearly perceived at the Ministry of Finance as an integral part of the drafting of alternative debt strategies, and as a core of modern debt management.


Rating of the Czech Republic is an assessment of its credibility and its capability to meet its obligations.  

Investment Portfolios

State Financial Assets include also pension and nuclear investment portfolios, which are administrated by the Ministry of Finance and represent held to maturity portfolios.

Liquidity Management

The Section 33 of the Act No. 218/2000 Coll., Budgetary Rules Act and Some Related Acts Amendment Act, enabled the establishment of treasury single accounts as the basic technical tools for the management of state treasury liquidity and financing in the course of the year.


Publications Relating to State Debt Management.