Survey of macroeconomic forecasts – November 2014

Department 37 – Economic Policy
Department 37 – Economic Policy


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The 38th Colloquium took place in November 2014. Its results are based on the forecasts of 16 institutions (MoF, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, CNB, Citibank, Cyrrus, CSOB, Generali PPF Asset Management, Czech Chamber of Commerce, IES FSV UK, J&T Banka, Komercni banka, Liberalni institut, Next Finance, Raiffeisenbank CR, Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic). To make the survey more representative, forecasts of the EC (Autumn 2014 European Economic Forecast), the IMF (October 2014 World Economic Outlook) and the OECD (November 2014 Economic Outlook) have been added.

We thank all participating institutions for their cooperation.