Fiscal Outlook published only in November from 2016

Dept 37 - Economic Policy
Dept 37 - Economic Policy


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Since 2016, the Fiscal Outlook is going to be published in November only, and not in May. The reasons are both considerable overlap of information of the Convergence Programme of the Czech Republic and the fact that the Convergence Programme was not published this year until mid-May. In the following years we presume the Budgetary Strategy of General Government Sector to be published at the end of April, which stems of the Act on Budgetary Responsibility Rules. The Strategy shall include the Convergence Programme and, among others, set of information included just in the Fiscal Outlook.

In order to make available the usual datasets of general government sector data in ESA 2010 methodology, Annex Tables of Fiscal Outlook of the Czech Republic time series have been published along with the 2016 Convergence Programme of the Czech Republic.