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Tender process for the company VIPAP VIDEM KRŠKO, d.d.

The Czech Republic, represented by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, has announced a tender process for the acquisition of a 96.5% stake owned by the state in the company VIPAP VIDEM KRŠKO, d.d., registered with the following address: Tovarniška 18, 8270 Krško in Slovenia in the Companies Register under the registration number 1/0398300 with the District Court of Krško (“VVK”).


Issuance Calendar of Treasury Bills - May 2015

Issuance Calendar results from The Czech Republic Funding and Debt Management Strategy for 2015.

  • Date of publication: 20. 4. 2015
  • Next Issuance Calendar will be published 18. 5. 2015


Survey of macroeconomic forecasts – April 2015

The 39th Colloquium took place in April 2015. Its results are based on the forecasts of 20 institutions. We thank all participating institutions for their cooperation.


Debt Portfolio Management Quarterly Report - 1st Quarter 2015

Due to the effective available state treasury liquidity management, the stabilized development of CZK-denominated value of the state debt has continued, as it has decreased slightly by CZK 550 million compared to the end of 2014. This brings positive impacts in the form of savings in interest expenditure of the state budget related to the issuance activity of the state during the year. The net interest expenditure on state debt service were CZK 1.1 billion lower compared to the same period of the previous year.