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Debt Portfolio Management Quarterly Review - December 2013

In 2013, the state budget ended in a deficit of CZK 81.3 billion, which resulted in its decline of CZK 18.7 billion compared to the budgeted amount of CZK 100 billion. In accordance with The Czech Republic Funding and Debt Management Strategy for 2014, this difference will be reflected in the higher available cash reserve at the end of 2013, which amounted to CZK 62.7 billion, and will be fully used to cover financing needs in 2014. The lower decrease of cash reserve due to the lower state budget deficit in 2013 will result in the reduction of the gross borrowing requirement of the central government in 2014 to CZK 350.1 to 381.4 billion under the alternative scenario of funding programme. The reduction of the gross borrowing requirement of the central government implies the decrease of the maximum nominal value of the gross issue of medium-term and long-term government bonds on domestic market, which will not exceed CZK 262 billion.


Conversion Table between Fiscal Data of CR and Standard ESA 95

The Ministry of Finance releases a detailed reconciliation table showing the methodology of transition between cash-based data (or the equivalent figures from public accounting if cash-based data are not available) and data based on the ESA 95 standard (see the requirement of Chapter II, Article 3, paragraph 2, point b) of the aforementioned Directive) in line with the results of the Task Force on the implications of Council Directive 2011/85/EU on the collection and dissemination of fiscal data.

Following this information, the Ministry will introduce new presentation on its website at the end of February, within which fiscal and statistical data required by the Directive will be released gradually.