Announcement of the Ministry of Finance on Treasury Bonds Auction (10th Tranche of 149th Issue)

Department 20 – National Debt and Financial Assets Management
Department 20 – National Debt and Financial Assets Management


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Announcement on Treasury Bonds Auction (10TH Tranche of 149th Issue*)
Name of issue: Government Bond of the Czech Republic, 2022–2028, 5.50%
ISIN: CZ0001006696
Issuer:     Czech Republic - the Ministry of Finance
Address of issuer: Letenska 15, 118 10 Prague 1
Form of bond: book-entered security on bearer
Entity maintaining central record of book-entry securities: Central Depository of Securities Prague, a.s.
Maturity date: 12 December 2028
Coupon: 5.50%
Accrued interest: CZK 337.53
Face value:     CZK 10 000
Total nominal value offered in the
competitive part of the auction: **
max. CZK 4.0 bn
Maximum acceptable yield of bond: not fixed
Auction date: 22 March 2023
Deadline for bidding: competitive - 22 March 2023 until 12:00
  non-competitive - 23 March 2023 until 12:00
Settlement date: 24 March 2023
Auction type: American auction 
Type of bidding: at price including two places of decimals through the AUPD function in the Bloomberg system
Auction organizer:  Czech National Bank
Administrator: Czech National Bank

Treasury bonds are issued and sold under the Rules for the Primary Sale of Government Securities Organized by the Czech National Bank.

* The issuer shall publish an auction announcement not later than one working day before the auction.
** The Ministry of Finance reserves the right to change the total nominal value during the auction.

List of Dealers in Czech Government Bonds

Issuance terms and conditions of 149th Issue