Debt and Financial Assets Management Department

Department 20 – Management of National Debt and Financial Assets
Department 20 – Management of National Debt and Financial Assets


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Organization and Activity

State debt management has existed since 1990, firstly within the Treasury Securities Unit. Continuing the activity of the above, the State Debt Management Unit was established by the Decision of the Minister of Finance No. 19/2003 of 1 October 2003.

In November 2005 after the audit led by Delloite & Touche the Debt and Financial Assets Management Department was established in the frame of better effectiveness and rationalization of the state debt management. The Department is an organizational part of the Ministry of Finance and is subordinated to the Deputy Minister responsible for public budgets. On 1 January 2011 the department was restructured and the standard structure was set in compliance with the best international practice and recommendations of the International Monetary Fund, OECD and the World Bank concerning the public debt management.

There are four units within the Department:

  • 2001 - State Financing and Treasury Liquidity Management Unit
  • 2002 - Portfolio Management Strategy and Debt Statistics Unit
  • 2003 - Financial Operations Administration and Settlement Unit
  • 2004 - Financial Analysis and Treasury Fund Management Unit