State Debt

Information about the State Debt.


Basic Information

Debt and Financial Assets Management Department, Definition and Measuring, Basic Targets and Criteria, Financial Instruments, Risk Management, Rating, Investment Portfolios, Liquidity Management, Publications.


Basic Information, List of Dealers, Selection of Dealers, Evaluation of Dealers.

Primary Market

Primary auction of CZK-denominated government securities, i.e. Treasury bonds (T-Bonds) and Treasury bills (T-bills), issued in the Czech Republic are governed by the Rules for the Primary Sale of Government Securities Organized by the Czech National Bank ("Rules") .

Secondary Market

Basic Information, T-Bonds in Own Portfolio, T-Bonds in Investment Portfolio, Ministry's Operations.


Issuance Calendars of T-Bonds, Issuance Calendars of T-Bills, Issuance Calendar of Saving Government Bonds, Announcements of T-Bonds Auctions, Announcements of T-Bills Auctions, Results of T-Bonds Auctions, Results of T-Bills Auction, Interest Rate Setting of T-Bonds with Floating Rate, Foreign Issues.

Debt Statistics

SDDS, Development and Structure, Borrowing Requirements, Costs of State Debt, By Type of Instrument, By Type of Holder, By Maturity and Quarterly Review about Debt Portfolio Management.