The Ministry of Finance publishes a report on Capital Markets Literacy in the Czech Republic

Department 35 - Financial Markets II
Department 35 - Financial Markets II


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The Ministry of Finance publishes a report on Capital Markets Literacy in the Czech Republic. The report was funded by the European Union via the Structural Reform Support Programme and implemented by Ernst&Young and FlesihmanHillard, in cooperation with the European Commission. The Ministry of Finance will seek further funding from this programme to enable the realisations of the content of this report in 2020.

This report in its analytical part describes the current state of the capital market in the Czech Republic, identifies communication and information deficiencies about this market and compares the current state of awareness of individual entities (especially small and medium-sized issuers) about the capital market.

The second part contains the communication strategy and the action plan. That is to say, communication objectives, appropriate diverse communication methods, identification of stakeholders (communication's stakeholders and communication's addressees), channels of communication, estimation of cost and methods of evaluation of the results of this strategy. The whole strategy is phased over several time periods.

The report was presented on 17 September 2019 to stakeholders of the the Czech capital market (eg the Czech Capital Market Association, the Czech Banking Association, the Czech National Bank, the CzechInvest and the academia). Most of them received this report positively and promised to cooperate on its implementation.