Public consultation – Corporate bond scorecard

Department 35 - Financial Markets II
Department 35 - Financial Markets II


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The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic publishes a proposal of the Corporate Bond Scorecard for public consultation. The purpose of this document is to provide investors, who are not experienced in investing in corporate bonds, a simple and fast tool for intial evaluation of issuer and issued bonds. We point out that this applies only to intial evaluation of issuance of issuer. During more careful and complex evaluation of issuance of issuer more factors come into place. For the purposes of this document, several factors are simplified for better understanding. Some other factors are mentioned in the additional section.

The aim of this consultation is to get the opinion of the professional public on this proposal and the methodology proposed therein. Please, send your comments to ales.kralik(at) and marek.subrt(at) by May 15, 2019. Thank you in advance for all suggestions.