Off balance sheet partnerships of private and public sectors 2012-2016

Dept 11 - State Budget Department
Dept 11 - State Budget Department


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  • General government
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  • Off-balance sheet PPPs
  • Private sector
  • Act No 23/2017 Coll.

Liabilities from public private partnership (PPP)

In order to disclose information required by the Council Directive 2011/85/EU in the field of off balance sheet PPPs, the Ministry´s of Finance amended decree no. 410/2009 Coll. imposes an obligation to the regions and municipalities, regional councils of cohesion regions, contributory organizations included as a part of General Government, state funds and state organizational units to report information on initial contractual capital value in PPP contracts, progressively reduced over time.

As to 31th October 2017, no relevant transactions to be published were identified. Such transactions also were not identified in other information sources.