Jiří Georgiev, Deputy Minister of Finance will be the chief CZ PRES negotiator for the 2023 EU Budget

Department 74 – External Relations and Communication
Department 74 – External Relations and Communication


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Deputy Minister of Finance was appointed the government plenipotentiary for the negotiations of the 2023 EU Budget.

Achieving a balanced and viable Union budget for the next year will be one of the key tasks of the upcoming Czech Presidency of the EU Council. The procedure, starting with discussions within the Council after the publication of the Commission´s proposal on June 7th, will enter into its final phases during the autumn.

Jiří Georgiev, as the head of the CZ PRES negotiating team, will represent the Council in the intensive negotiations. With his counterparts from the European Parliament and the participation of the Commission, he will strive to reach a timely and realistic agreement on the 2023 EU budget, which will ensure the necessary funding for the EU´s goals and ambitions.