Czech Republic secures victory in international investment arbitration with A11Y LTD over more than 25 mil. UDS

Dept 10 - Office of the Minister
Dept 10 - Office of the Minister


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Claimant argued in arbitration proceedings that employees of the regional branches of Labour Office of the Czech Republic unlawfully provided product information to its competitors and thus damaged Claimant’s business in the Czech Republic as well as the value of its know-how. Claimant’s further referred to allegedly damaging television appearance of a spokeswoman of the General Directorate of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic. Certain complains were also directed at communication between regional branches of the Labour Office and Claimant’s customers.

The Arbitral tribunal, chaired by Mr. L. Yves Fortier, dismissed the claims of A11Y LTD. in its final award dated 29 June 2018 and it ordered the claimant to pay the Czech Republic the costs of the arbitral proceedings in the amount of over 370 000 USD. Tribunal found that Claimant’s case on the merits fails in its entirety as it has not discharged its burden of proving that the a breach of international law was present.

Czech republic has been represented in the arbitral proceeding by the in-house legal team of the Ministry of finance in cooperation with Mr. Alfred Siwy from