Tender process for the company VIPAP VIDEM KRŠKO, d.d.

Dept 43 - Strategic Companies and Investment Incentives
Dept 43 - Strategic Companies and Investment Incentives


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The Czech Republic, represented by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, has announced a tender process for the acquisition of a 96.5% stake owned by the state in the company VIPAP VIDEM KRŠKO, d.d., registered with the following address: Tovarniška 18, 8270 Krško in Slovenia in the Companies Register under the registration number 1/0398300 with the District Court of Krško (“VVK”). The remaining 3.5 % of the shares of VVK is owned by VVK. Ernst & Young s.r.o. has been commissioned to act as the organizer of the process. The legal advisor for this transaction is Dvořák Hager & Partners.

The Ministry of Finance hereby asks potential investors interested in the purchase of the entire stake of 96.5% of the Shares in the Tender to contact the Ministry of Finance’s financial advisor for this transaction, the advisory firm Ernst & Young, s.r.o., business registration number (IČO): 26705338, with its registered address at Na Florenci 2116/15, Praha 1, Czech Republic, zip code 110 00 (hereinafter “EY“), for the attention of Štěpán Flieger, telephone: (+420) 225 335 863, email: stepan.flieger@cz.ey.com, or David Zlámal, telephone: (+420) 225 335 184, email: david.zlamal@cz.ey.com.

The potential investors will be provided with a teaser for the investment opportunity, details of the Tender process in the form of the Rules of the Tender and a non-disclosure agreement. Following the signature of the non-disclosure agreement, the potential investors will be provided with a detailed information memorandum. Indicative offers are expected to be received by June 1, 2015.

The Ministry of Finance reserves the right to include or exclude any potential investor within the Tender process or change the procedure upon its discretion. In addition, the Ministry of Finance reserves the right to additionally alter the terms and conditions of the Tender, postpone or cancel the Tender or to reject all submitted proposals.

This information regarding the Tender does not represent a public offer to contract for the purchase of the 96.5% of the Shares owned by the state, an invitation for competitive bidding for best offer or a public offer of securities in accordance with the respective legal regulations.