Independent Unit 9001 – Government and Parliamentary Agenda Unit

Establishes the working conditions necessary to perform the Minister’s work, provides comprehensive organisational exercise of the Minister’s constitutional powers and coordinates cooperation with other departments and State organisational units...


Unit 9001 creates working conditions for the exercise of Ministerial tasks, ensures comprehensive organizational execution of the constitutional powers of the Minister and coordinates cooperation with other subdivisions and organizational units of the state (Czech abbreviation: OSS). Unit 9001 coordinates and oversees record-keeping management for the Minister. It facilitates contact with and relations between the Ministry and the Parliament of the Czech Republic and the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, the Office of the President of the Czech Republic and other public administration bodies, authorities and institutions. The Unit reviews, on the formal level, documentation prepared for government Cabinet meetings and Parliamentary sessions, for the Ministry’s leadership meetings and other occasions. Unit 9001 ensures, on administrative and organizational level, exercise of the Minister’s tasks in his/her role as a Cabinet member, and coordinates its activities with the independent Ministerial Cabinet and Secretariat Unit. The unit organizes and administers activities of the Ministry’s leadership council, which is a permanent advisory body to the Minister.