Dept 56 - Internal Audit

It is in charge of the independent and objective verification, review and evaluation of systems, processes and management and control mechanisms of the Ministry...


It is responsible for independent and objective verification, review and evaluation of the state of systems, processes, and control and management mechanisms of the Ministry. It verifies the compliance of the Ministry’s activities with national and EU legislation and acts as cyber security auditor. It prepares the Medium-term and Annual Work Plan of the Department and submits them for approval to the Minister. It informs the Ministry management of the regular evaluation of progress towards the measures to remedy the deficiencies identified in audits and controls. It cooperates with the SAO, the Central Harmonization Unit and other State administration bodies in matters of harmonization and coordination of the internal audit methodology in public administration. On the basis of the documents provided by the Ministry’s units, it prepares expert opinions on setting up control mechanisms for the activities of the Ministry.


  • 5601 - Internal Audit Methodology and Quality Department
  • 5602 - Internal Audit Department