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Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus (SDDS Plus)

The Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus (SDDS Plus) was established in 2012 to reinforce and supplement the International Monetary Fund's Data Standards Initiatives. It builds on the SDDS and its purpose is to assist member countries with regard to the publication of comprehensive, timely, accessible, and reliable economic and financial statistical data.


Issuance Calendar of Government Bonds - December 2017

Issuance Calendar results from The Czech Republic Funding and Debt Management Strategy for 2017.

  • Date of publication: 20. 11. 2017
  • Next Issuance Calendar will be published in the week beginning 18. 12. 2017


Macroeconomic Forecast - November 2017

The Macroeconomic Forecast is prepared on a quarterly basis. It contains a forecast for the current and following years and for certain indicators an outlook for another 2 years.