List of Granted Projects
Reg. Number Project Title Project Detail
1. Conservation of the European cultural heritageCZ0024
Preservation, Restoration and Public Access of the Immovable Cultural Heritage of the Zlín RegionProject Detail
1. Conservation of the European cultural heritageCZ0034
Open Air Museum and Vernacular Culture in New Forms of Presentation of Cultural HeritageProject Detail
7. Implementation of Schengen acquis, strengthening the judiciaryCZ0056
E-earning Education for JudicaryProject Detail
2. Protection of the environmentCZ0071
Reconstruction of Meadow Societies Rich in Species in Zlín RegionProject Detail
3. Human resource developmentCZ0073
Formation of the Ward for Persons Suffering from Dementia in the Old People´s Home in BuchloviceProject Detail
1. Conservation of the European cultural heritageCZ0080
Repair and Renovation of the Transept and Presbytery of Velehrad BasilicaProject Detail
3. Human resource developmentCZ0090
Modernisation of Equipment in Nursery Schools and Crèches in ZlínProject Detail
5. Promotion of sustainable developmentCZ0109
A Way to the Sustainable Development of the Vsetín regionProject Detail
3. Human resource developmentCZ0153
Complex Regeneration of Playing Fields on the School Premises of the City of KunoviceProject Detail

Other Granted Projects