Twinning Project 06 - 08

Department 21 – State Budget
Department 21 – State Budget


  • Public Private Partnership

Implementation of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Policy in the Czech Republic (summarized overview of the project and its activities)

Information about some important state PPP Projects till 3rd December 2008

  • The info sheets present the information about some important state PPP Projects, where the Outline Business Cases are approved and the PPP Project AirCon, which is in the developed phase of initiation.
  • Projects
    • Building and operation of guarded prison
    • AIRPORT connection, Prague
    • Lodging house for ÚVN staffs, HOTEL - type lodging house house and parking site
    • PPP PROJECT D3/R3 - building and financing of D3/R3 MOTORWAY
    • JUSTICE COURT in ÚSTÍ NAD LABEM ( Actualisation: January 29th, 2009)


Summarized overview

The overall purpose of this Twinning project is to provide the Ministry of Finance, Department for Regulation of PPP projects, of the Czech Republic with Member State PPP-expertise in order to:

  • increase efficiency of public investments in the infrastructure and the operation and management of public services as part of the Czech Republic public finance reform, and
  • develop the PPP methodology and standards; supporting the introduction and implementation of PPP policy as a part of legal business environment in the Czech Republic.

The project activities are specifically designed to optimally contribute to reaching the required results.


  1. Background of the project
  2. Project purpose
  3. Participants to and organization of the project
  4. Project management approach
  5. Content of the Project Work Schedule
  6. Key people involved in the Twinning project
  7. Time schedule of the project

Methodology Documents

Methodology Documents are only in Czech version:

Assessment Reports

Prepared as part of the Twinning Project CZ/2005/IB/FI/04
On 28 August 2007

Prepared as part of the Twinning Project CZ/2005/IB/FI/04
On 24 April 2007

Prepared as part of the Twinning Project CZ/2005/IB/FI/04