Survey of macroeconomic forecasts – November 2016

Dept 37 - Economic Policy
Dept 37 - Economic Policy


  • Survey
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The survey of macroeconomic forecasts (so-called Colloquium), which is conducted by the Ministry of Finance (MoF), aims to find out how relevant institutions see the prospects for the Czech economy and to assess major trends the forecasts of the participating institutions envisage.

The 42nd Colloquium took place in November 2016. Its results are based on the forecasts of 19 institutions (MoF; Ministry of Industry and Trade; Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs; Czech National Bank; Akcenta CZ; CERGE-EI; CYRRUS; Česká spořitelna; ČSOB; Deloitte; Generali Investments CEE; Czech Chamber of Commerce; Institute of Economic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University; ING Bank; Komerční banka; Raiffeisenbank; Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic; UniCredit Bank; University of Economics, Prague). To make the survey more representative, the forecasts of the EC (Autumn 2016 European Economic Forecast), the IMF (October 2016 World Economic Outlook) and the OECD (November 2016 Economic Outlook) have been included.

We thank all participating institutions for their cooperation.