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Illustration - The Czech republic´s position on digital taxation


The Czech republic´s position on digital taxation

The Czech Republic recognizes the need to flexibly react to the changing business environment in the context of digitalization. The Czech Republic supports a common approach within the EU. However, so far there is no consensus neither on introduction of the Digital Services Tax directive (DST) nor on introduction of long-term measure.


Victory in international arbitration

On 2 May 2018, the Ministry of Finance won the international arbitration dispute with owners of solar power plants in the proceedings Antaris GmbH and Dr. Michael Göde v. The Czech Republic.


Government not to set euro adoption date yet

The Government has approved the joint recommendation of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic and the Czech National Bank not to set a target date for adopting the euro in the Czech Republic yet.


The Ministry of Finance enhances the transparency of macroeconomic forecasts

The Ministry of Finance strives for utmost transparency and unbiased and objective macroeconomic forecasts, it will therefore invite experts independent from Czech government institutions to evaluate its macroeconomic forecasts, until the adoption of aforementioned acts and the founding of Council for Budgetary Forecasts.