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Independent Unit 9007 – Cabinet and Secretariat of the Minister
Independent Unit 9007 – Cabinet and Secretariat of the Minister


  • Ministry of Finance

State Debt Managers in the World
Argentina Ministry of Economy and Public Finance
Australia Australian Office of Financial Management
Austria Austrian Federal Financing Agency
Belgium Belgian Debt Agency
Brasil National Treasury
Bulgaria Ministry of Finance
Canada Department of Finance
Cyprus The Central Bank of Cyprus
Denmark Danish Goverment debt Management
Estonia Ministry of Finance
Finland The State Treasury Finance Division
France Agency France Trésor
Germany German Finance Agency GmbH
Great Britain United Kingdom Debt Management Office
Greece General Accounting Office
Hungary Government Debt Management Agency Ltd.
Iceland National Debt Management Agency
Indonesia Ministry of Finance Center for Government Bond Management
Ireland National Treasury Management Agency
Israel The Government Debt Management Unit
Italy Ministry of Economy and Finance
Japan Ministry of Finance
Latvia The Treasury
Lithuania Ministry of Finance
Luxemburg The Treasury
Malta The Treasury Department
Mexico Ministry of Finance and Public Credit
Netherlands Dutch State Treasury Agency
New Zealand New Zealand Debt Management Office
Peru Ministry of Economy and Finance
Poland Ministry of Finance
Portugal Portuguese Government Debt Agency
Republic of South Africa National Treasury
Romania Ministry of Public Finance
Slovakia Debt and Liquidity Management Agency
Slovenia Ministry of Finance
Spain Ministry of Economy
Sweden Swedish National Debt Office
Switzerland Federal Finance Administration
Thailand Public Debt Management Office
Turkey Turkish Treasury
U.S.A. Bureau of the Public Debt