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Independent Unit 9007 – Cabinet and Secretariat of the Minister
Independent Unit 9007 – Cabinet and Secretariat of the Minister


  • Czech Tax Administration
  • Ministry of Finance

Czech Tax Administration

The Central Financial and Tax Directorate (CFTD)

Financial Directorates (FD)

  • The Financial Directorates (FD) are bodies of tax administration having regional competencies and are superior to the Tax Authorities. The Director of each respective Financial Directorate, who is appointed and removed by the Minister of Finance, is responsible for the operation of Financial Directorate under his charge.

Financial Directorates

  • Financial Directorate for the Capital City Praha - (FŘ pro hlavní město Prahu)
  • Financial Directorate in Prague - (FŘ v Praze)
  • Financial Directorate in České Budějovice - (FŘ v Českých Budějovicích)
  • Financial Directorate in Plzeň - (FŘ v Plzni)
  • Financial Directorate in Ústí nad Labem - (FŘ v Ústí nad Labem)
  • Financial Directorate in Hradec Králové - (FŘ v Hradci Králové)
  • Financial Directorate in Brno - (FŘ v Brně)
  • Financial Directorate in Ostrava - (FŘ v Ostravě)

Tax Offices (TO)

  • The Tax Offices represent the Territorial organisational units of the first stage in the Czech Tax Administration. In charge of their activities there is a director of each relevant Tax Office, who is appointed and removed by the director of the competent Financial Directorate.

Addresses of Territorial Financial Authorities

Economic and Tax Links

Access to Registers of Economic Subjects / Entities

  • Access to Registers of Economic Subjects is an information system allowing a retrieval of information on Economic Entities registered in the Czech Republic. This system provides a display of data from particular registers (called source registers) in which the data concerned are kept.

Chamber of tax consultants

  • The profession and activities of Tax Advisers in the Czech Republic are governed by the Act no. 523/92 Sb. Pursuant to this Act only those individuals who are listed on the List of the Chamber of Tax Advisers can be considered as Tax Advisors.

International Association of Insurance Supervisors

  • Cooperate to contribute to improved supervision of the insurance industry on a domestic as well as on an international level in order to maintain efficient, fair, safe and stable insurance markets for the benefit and protection of policyholders.
  • Promote the development of well-regarded insurance markets.
  • Contribute to global financial stability

This website is designed to provide you with an overview of the activities of the IAIS and give you access to its publications.

Czech judicial system

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