Department 73 – Procedural Agendas and Gambling Regulation


The Department examines the issues in the area of gambling regulation, gambling tax and related procedural agendas, analyses its current status and proposes measures to address current issues and to further streamline it. It elaborates the concept of further development in the field of gambling, gambling tax. It participates in the conception of further development of tax policy and in analyses of tax revenues. In the field of gambling, it is responsible for the development of substantive solutions, including regulatory impact assessments and substantive legislative proposals. Ensures that legislation within the Department's remit complies with EU law. It decides on administrative proceedings within the meaning of Act No. 202/1990 Coll. and Act No. 186/2016 Coll., except for those falling within the competence of the Administrative Activities Department. It provides analytical work in its field of competence. It supervises compliance with Act No. 186/2016 Coll., the conditions set out in the basic permit and the permit for the location of the gambling premises and the requirements set out in the notification and provides general methodological guidance to the customs administration authorities in the exercise of state supervision over compliance with Act No. 186/2016 Coll. by gambling operators, including methodological assistance to regional authorities, municipalities and authorised persons within the scope of its competence. It provides basic methodological activities within the scope of the department's material competence. It monitors the development and implementation of new trends and technologies related to the Department's subject matter jurisdiction and uses them in its activities, including the development and application of gambling permit conditions. It decides on the inclusion of a website containing an unlicensed gambling game on the list of unlicensed internet games. It maintains a register of individuals excluded from participation in gambling and a list of unauthorised internet gambling. It manages the information system for gambling operations.                


  • Unit 7301 – Procedural Agendas 
  • Unit 7302 – Regulation of Gambling
  • Unit 7303 – Administrative Proceedings in the Area of Gambling