Department 58 – International Relations


It systematically and operationally secures, coordinates and analyses the tasks and agenda of the Ministry towards international institutions of which the Czech Republic is a member, i.e., the MMF, WBG, EBRD, MBHS, MIB, or in which it has observer status. In carrying out the agenda of foreign economic, trade and financial relations, it cooperates with other relevant ministries. Within the Ministry, it is responsible for bilateral relations of the Czech Republic with third countries outside the EU, foreign development cooperation, and coordinates the activities of the Ministry as a co-manager of relations with international organisations OECD, UN and their bodies and organisations. It elaborates the overall concept of the EEA/Norway FM and the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme. It ensures the execution, cooperation, implementation, financial flows, control and monitoring, including evaluation of the programmes and projects. It sets out the basic strategic, legal and methodological documents for these programmes and projects. It oversees and approves public procurement for the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme projects and also ensures monitoring of public procurement for the EEA/Norway FM projects. It maintains a register of irregularities; reports identified irregularities and ensures their correction. It contributes to the administration and implementation of the EU CF, Twinning and TAIEX instruments and the closure of the PHARE and Transition Facility programmes. It works with the Strategic Companies and Investment Incentives Department on the agenda related to the OECD Working Party on Export Credits and Guarantees. It is responsible for the administration and recovery of foreign claims of the Czech Republic. It ensures the activities of the Advisory Body for Foreign Claims, cooperates with the relevant units of other state administration bodies. It negotiates contracts with the relevant banks for services provided in connection with the management of foreign claims. It ensures the implementation of agreements negotiated between the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic in the division of property rights of the former Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in the area of government claims and liabilities to foreign countries. It ensures the registration and, as part of statistical activities, processes internal and external outputs for the area of foreign claims of the State. In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it drafts a decree setting the meal allowance for foreign business trips.


  • Unit 5801 – Foreign Aid Centre – Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Unit 5802 – International Financial Cooperation and Foreign Claims
  • Unit 5803 – International Financial Institutions and Development Cooperation
  • Unit 5804 – Foreign Aid Centre – Preparation and Coordination
  • Unit 5805 – Central Financial and Contracting Unit