Dept 58 - International Relations Department

This department carries out conceptual activities and the entire operational agenda connected with ensuring performance of the Ministry's tasks in respect of the international institutions of which the Czech Republic is a member...


This department handles the conceptual activities and the entire operative agenda involved in the Ministry’s tasks in relation to international institutions of which the Czech Republic is a member, i.e. the IMF (including the EFC Sub-Committee for the IMF, some of whose activities it systemically coordinates on behalf of the Czech Republic and within the Ministry together with the CNB), WB and institutions that form part of its group, the EBRD, MBHS, MIB, or MBHS in which it has observer status (ARB), and systemically coordinates, acts as an umbrella coordinator and methodologically and substantively analyses its agenda and outcomes on behalf of the Ministry. The department analyses, from methodological and substantive points of view, and sectorally coordinates the agenda of international global public estates and its outcomes for the Ministry and cooperates on the agenda with other relevant ministries as well as the agenda of foreign economic, commercial and financial relations. It is responsible for bilateral relations of the Czech Republic with third parties, including relations with EU candidate and accession countries. It represents the Ministry under bilateral inter-governmental and mixed commissions for economic cooperation with non-EU member states. It performs and coordinates all activities of the Ministry as a co-coordinator of relations with international organisations OECD, WTO, UN and their bodies and organisations. Within the Ministry, the department coordinates and deals with foreign development cooperation. It fulfils an administrative and coordinating function as an NCP for Twinning, coordinating the administration and implementation of the EU's Cohesion Fund. It elaborates the overall concept underlying EEA/Norwegian FM and the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme across departments and sectors. It provides administrative support as an NFP and, at the same time, acts as an intermediary for selected programmes under EEA and Norway Grants  and the National Coordination Unit for the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme. It acts as an intermediary under EEA/Norway programmes and handles the management, coordination, implementation, cash flows and continual monitoring and evaluation system in place for the above programmes. It lays down principles and rules applicable to the creation of financial parts of these programmes and evaluates the application of the principles adopted. For these programmes and projects it prepares the basic strategic, legal and methodical documents, and discusses the relevant documents with foreign partners. It supervises public procurement for projects under the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme. It keeps bank accounts and conducts banking transactions associated with project implementation (payments to suppliers, end beneficiaries, applications for funds from the NF) and activities associated with property transfers and VAT. The Department keeps a register of irregularities and reports irregularities identified in the use of aid allocated to the Controlling Unit. It prepares and implements projects within the Ministry and the financial sector of the Czech Republic.


  • 5801 - Centre for Foreign Assistance - Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit 
  • 5802 - Department of Bilateral Relations outside the EU and International Organisations
  • 5803 - International Financial Institutions and Development Cooperation Department
  • 5804 - Centre for Foreign Assistance – Preparation and Coordination Unit 
  • 5805 - Central Finance and Contracts Unit