Dept 58 - International Relations

This department handles the conceptual activities and the entire operative agenda involved in the Ministry’s tasks in relation to international institutions of which the Czech Republic is a member,...


It performs, coordinates and analyses the tasks and agenda of the Ministry towards international institutions of which the Czech Republic is a member, i.e. IMF, WBG, EBRD, IBEC and IIB, or in which it has observer status. In pursuing the agenda of foreign economic, business and financial relations, it cooperates with other competent ministries. Within the ministry, it is responsible for the Czech Republic’s bilateral relations with third countries outside the EU, foreign development cooperation, and coordinates the activities of the Ministry as the co-coordinator of relations with OECD and the UN and their institutions and organizations. It prepares the overall concept of FM EEA/Norway and the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme. It is responsible for the implementation, cooperation, cash flow, control and monitoring, including evaluation of programmes and projects. It sets out basic strategic, legal and methodological documents for these programmes and projects. It supervises and approves the procurement of public contracts for projects under the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme and at the same time it is responsible for the monitoring of public contracts for the FM EEA/Norway projects. It keeps a register of irregularities, it reports the irregularities detected and ensures their correction. Through its activities, it contributes to the administration.


  • 5801 - Centre for Foreign Assistance - Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit 
  • 5802 - International Financial Cooperation and Foreign Claims
  • 5803 - International Financial Institutions and Development Cooperation Department
  • 5804 - Centre for Foreign Assistance – Preparation and Coordination Unit 
  • 5805 - Central Finance and Contracts Unit