Department 53 – European Union Affairs

The department drafts, implements and coordinates strategy for relationships between the Ministry and the EU Council and, at a national level, the Committee for the EU...


Department 53 formulates, implements and coordinates the concept of the Ministry's relations with the Council of the EU, including its preparatory bodies, and nationally vis-à-vis the EU Committee. It methodologically manages and systemically coordinates preparation of the Ministry’s representatives for meetings in the Council of Ministers of Finance and Economy (the so-called ECOFIN Council), including preparation of COREPER, and preparation of the Ministry as a department for the European Council meetings and for cooperation with Ministries of Finance of other EU member states and EU institutions. The department systemically coordinates and methodologically leads the Departmental Coordination Group of the Ministry and its subgroups. In the area of EU-related agendas, it acts as the main contact point for the Office of the Government and for the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the EU. Within the framework of the Ministry, it formulates and methodologically manages posting of public administration employees to EU institutions. In economic and financial areas, it is responsible for overseeing bilateral relations with EU Member States and EU relations with other countries. It participates in exercising obligations of the Czech Republic within the framework of certain working groups of the Council of the EU under the responsibility of other ministries. It is responsible for providing access to relevant databases related to the EU agenda. It prepares the Czech Republic's positions on coordination of economic policies and budgetary oversight in the EU and participates in preparation of related documents. It monitors and analyses basic economic and financial tendencies within the EU and in other countries, where the EU needs to coordinate its position, and the selected EU structural policies. It monitors and analyses the functioning of Economic and Monetary Union and the implementation of the Stability and Growth Pact. Department 53 systematically coordinates and represents the Czech Republic in the EFC and the EFC alternatives, including its subcommittees, and in the EPC, including its working groups. It is involved in producing relevant deliverables of the Ministry in the field of economic and financial policy for the OECD. It conceptually manages, methodologically leads and coordinates preparation of the multiannual financial framework and the annual budget of the EU with an emphasis on negotiating conditions for financing cohesion policies from the EU budget. It methodologically ensures and coordinates own resources’ payments to the EU budget and acts in this context as a coordinator of relations with the EU institutions. The department analyses relevant case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union with regard to the competence of the Ministry, proposes measures for proper transposition of the acquis and is responsible for protection of the Czech Republic's interests within the framework of the Ministry's competence vis-à-vis the European Commission and the Court of Justice of the European Union. Within the framework of the Ministry, the department oversees and systemically coordinates administrative and technical activities connected with harmonization of legal regulations and ensures control of activities in the field of harmonization of the Czech law with EU law. The department coordinates relations in connection with the Ministry’s membership in the Council of Europe, participates in preparation of selected legal documents that are concluded with foreign entities, including documents concluded within the framework of international organizations and institutions. The department is also involved in drafting other legal regulations, which fall under the responsibility of other departments at the Ministry or other central administrative authorities, and ensures communication with the Office for the Protection of Competition in the field of public support.


  • Unit 5301 – Coordination of EU Agendas
  • Unit 5302 – EU Economic and Financial Policies
  • Unit 5303 – EU Budget
  • Unit 5304 – European and International Law