Dept 35 - Financial Markets II

This department draws up conceptual materials relating to the capital market, payment services, market infrastructure and the foreign exchange market, ...


The Department creates a concept of financial market policy in the field of capital market, payment services, cash circulation, currency exchange sector, market infrastructure, insurance industry, private pension products, retail financial services, consumer protection in the financial market and financial education. Within the scope of its competence, it prepares strategic proposals, impact and comparative studies, draft solutions, draft legislation, including regulatory impact assessment, and arranges for them to be discussed in internal and external consultation process, in the Ministry’s advisory bodies, the Government Legislative Council and its committees, in the Government and in the Parliament and its committees. Within the scope of its competence, it represents the Czech Republic in the working groups and committees of the European Commission and the EU Council and prepares documents for the negotiations of the Czech Republic’s representative in the EU Council and its committees. Within the scope of its competence, it ensures the compliance of legislation with EU law and other international obligations of the Czech Republic.
Within its scope of its competence, it ensures and prepares a further agenda in relation to the EU institutions, the OECD and other international organizations. Within the scope of its competence, it acts as the superior administrative body of regional authorities in administrative offence proceedings. It is responsible for the preparation of a general law on the introduction of the euro in the Czech Republic.


  • 3501 - Capital Market Unit 
  • 3502 - Payment Services and Market Infrastructure Unit
  • 3503 - Insurance and Pension Products Unit