Dept 27 - Financial Markets I

This department is involved in developing the concept of the financial market policy, creates national strategies in the areas of banking, building savings, cooperative banking, supervision and financial stability...


The Department participates in the creation of the concept of financial market policy, creates the State concept in the fields of banking, building savings, cooperative finance, supervision and financial stability. It prepares conceptual materials to define policy and support the development of the Czech financial market and contributes to creating a single financial market in the EU. It performs complex analyses and forecasts of the financial market in the fields of banking, building savings, cooperative finance, capital market, insurance, supplementary pension insurance and supplementary pension savings in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. It evaluates the development of the global financial market, including the impact of globalization on the national financial market. It coordinates the positions for the preparation of the meetings of EU institutions related to the financial market. It participates in the elaboration of strategic proposals for the Ministry’s measures and its course of action in relation to the financial market. It carries out legislative activities in the areas of banking, building savings, cooperative finance, financial market supervision and financial stability and ensures their harmonization with EU law, including the representation of the Czech Republic in the working groups and committees of the European Commission and the EU Council in the context of legislative proposals within the scope of its competence. Within its scope of competence, it ensures and processes an agenda in relation to the bodies of the EU, OECD, WB, IMF and FSB. It ensures the coordination of the activities and the participation of the Ministry in connection with the EU Framework for Crisis Management in the Financial Sector. It provides support for the activities of the National Coordinator for the Introduction of the Euro and the work of the National Coordination Group on the basis of relevant Government resolutions. It ensures the coordination of the overall practical preparations for the introduction of the euro in the Czech Republic and acts as the Organising Committee of the National Coordination Group.


  • 2701 - Financial Market Analyses Unit
  • 2702 - Financial Stability and Oversight Unit 
  • 2703 - Banking Unit