Dept 37 - Economic Policy

The division carries out conceptual and methodological work on behalf of the Ministry concerning the activities of analyses, forecasts, projections, economic and econometric modelling...


The Department carries out conceptual and methodological work on analyses, forecasts, projections, economic and econometric modelling in the area of macroeconomic development, public finance development and fiscal policy, including selected problems of their development. The department prepares macroeconomic and fiscal analyses, forecasts, long-term projections and scenarios of fiscal policy, especially for the purposes of economic policy formulation, drafting the State budget, medium-term budgetary outlook, long-term sustainability of public finances, and international economic policy cooperation. The Department provides for macroeconomic and fiscal modelling for the purposes of analyses, simulation, forecasting and evaluation of fiscal impacts of macroeconomic economic policies. The Department formulates recommendations for macroeconomic policy measures and checks the consistency of economic policies. It creates and is the guarantor of the Convergence Programme of the Czech Republic, the Fiscal Outlook of the Czech Republic, the Macroeconomic Forecast of the Czech Republic, the Budgetary Strategy of Public Institutions of the Czech Republic and the Evaluation of Compliance with the Maastricht Convergence Criteria and the Degree of Economic Alignment of the Czech Republic with the Eurozone. It participates in the formulation of strategic economic and political documents of the Czech Republic in the field of macroeconomic and fiscal development and in the field of fiscal policy, and ensures the preparation of representatives of the Ministry in the meetings of national authorities in these areas. It monitors and analyses the basic economic and financial tendencies of the world economy in terms of its impacts on the economic development of the Czech Republic. Within its scope of competence it participates in the evaluation of the impacts of legislative documents on macroeconomic and fiscal developments and in the creation of fiscal and budgetary policies of general government in relation to the rules of budgetary accountability. It is the coordinator of Act No 23/2017. It ensures formal and informal dialogue between governmental and non-governmental economic units monitoring the stability and transparency of macroeconomic and fiscal analyses and forecasts, cooperating in these areas with the Committee on Budgetary Forecasts. It provides for professional cooperation, consultations and meetings with investment and rating agencies for the Ministry. It cooperates in these areas with national and international economic and financial organizations, in particular with the European Commission, the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. It is professionally involved in the EU-related economic and fiscal policy agenda falling within the scope of competence of ECOFIN, in particular its EFC and EPC Committees and the EFC Subcommittee on Statistics. The Department is the guarantor of the Ministry’s information and research studies and conducts research activities in economic, statistical and econometric areas, including cooperation with national and international institutions. The Department is the Ministry’s guarantor and coordinator of the methodology of government financial statistics of the European System of National and Regional Accounts and the main guarantor and coordinator of the International Monetary Fund’s government financial statistics methodology. The Department is also responsible for collecting selected data for the purpose of monitoring and managing public finances, including its legislation.


  • 3701 -  Government Financial Statistics and Analyses Unit 
  • 3702 - Macroeconomic Analyses Unit
  • 3703 - Fiscal Policy and Sustainability Unit 
  • 3704 - Macroeconomic Predictions and Structural Policy
  • 3705 - Economic Modelling Unit