Dept 19 - Budgetary Policy for Strategic Sectors of the National Economy

In cooperation with the heading administrators MI, NSO, SIS, MF, ISTR, SONS, ASMR, GISF, MD, MT, MIT, MRD, CTO, ERO, MA and ME, ...


The Department is responsible for the financing of the budgets of the State Information Service, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the Interior, the National Security Authority, the National Cyber and Information Security Agency, General Inspectorate of Security Corps, the Ministry of Defence, the Administration of State Material Reserves, the State Office of Nuclear Safety, Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, the Czech Telecommunication Office, the Energy Regulatory Office, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Regional Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Transport Infrastructure Access Authority, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment in cooperation with the administrators of the chapters, and for the financing of the budgets of the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure, the State Housing Development Fund, the State Environmental Fund and the State Agricultural and Intervention Fund in cooperation with these authorities. It participates in preparing mid-term outlooks of chapters and State funds, prepares their draft budgets, breaks down the expenditure frameworks and relevant budgetary limits. It evaluates the results of the management of chapters and State funds, evaluates, approves and implements budgetary measures, evaluates and controls the draft final accounts of chapters and evaluation reports of State funds, participates in the elaboration of the aggregate State Final Account and controls the documents for the financial settlement of the relations of individual chapters with the State budget, evaluates and controls the implementation of programme financing of property reproduction of funded chapters. It continuously monitors and evaluates the implementation of revenues and expenditures, analyses them and, if necessary, prepares proposals of measures within the budgets of chapters within its competence, processes information on budgets of chapters and State funds, monitors the status and development of claims on unspent expenditures. It evaluates the documentation of programmes for the reproduction of property of funded chapters, specifies the participation of the State budget in the financing of programmes and their indicators which will be subject to final evaluation, assesses and approves the registration of actions and decisions on the participation of the State budget in financing actions with individually assessed expenditures and grants including projects co-financed by the EU and FM, it assesses applications for approval of these actions/projects, cooperates with the administrators of the funded chapters when updating data in the relevant programme financing information system and provides methodological support. Through programme financing, it oversees significant investment measures within funded chapters. It prepares the Ministry’s opinions on public contracts in accordance with applicable legislation in selected cases where the contracting authority is an entity within the competence of the Department. It participates in the financing of EU joint programmes (and other financial mechanisms) and national programmes for funded chapters. It addresses problem areas of financing in relation to funded chapters and State funds, including specific areas of the State budget, especially in terms of impacts on public budgets. It develops or participates in the development of strategies, concepts, legislation and methodologies concerning the scope of the funded chapters, especially in terms of impacts on public budgets and ensuring the implementation of financial policy. Performs management control when using funds from General Treasury Administration chapter items within its scope. It exercises the powers entrusted to the Ministry by Section 4(1), Sections 32 and 36 and Section 45(2) of Act No 219/2000. It cooperates with the relevant departments of the Ministry to implement the basic IISSP settings, to develop it, and to analyse and implement change requirements.


  • 1901 - Security Financing Unit 
  • 1902 - Defence Financing Unit
  • 1903 - Transport, Industry and Regional Development Financing Unit 
  • 1904 - Agriculture and Environment Financing Unit