Dept 14 - Department of Budgetary Policy for Socially Significant Sectors

In cooperation with the heading administrators MH, MLSA, Presidential Office, Chamber of Deputies, Senate of the Parliament, Government Office of the Czech Republic,...


The Department is responsible for financing the budgets of individual chapters in cooperation with the administrators of the chapters of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Office of the President of the Czech Republic, the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament, the Senate of the Parliament, the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Office of the Public Defender of Rights, the Grant Agency, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Justice, the Office for Personal Data Protection, the Ministry of Education, the Industrial Property Office, the Czech Statistical Office, the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre, the Czech Mining Authority, the Office for the Protection of Competition, the Constitutional Court, the Academy of Sciences, the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting, the Technology Agency, the Supreme Audit Office, the Office for the Surveillance of Political Parties and Political Movements and the National Budget Council, and for financing their budgets in cooperation with the State Cinematography Fund. It prepares mid-term outlooks of chapters and State funds, prepares draft budgets of chapters and State funds, breaks down the expenditure frameworks and relevant budgetary limits. It evaluates the results of the management of chapters and State funds, evaluates, approves and implements budgetary measures, evaluates and controls the draft final accounts of chapters and State funds, participates in the elaboration of the aggregate State Final Account and prepares the financial settlement of the relations of individual chapters and State funds with the State budget, evaluates and controls the implementation of programme financing of property reproduction of funded chapters. It processes total revenue from social security premiums and State employment policy contributions, total mandatory social expenditure, expenditure on the support of non-state entities, and total expenditure on research, development and innovation into a medium-term outlook and the State budget. It provides State support for the activities of political parties and movements and the non-governmental non-profit sector from the State budget. In cooperation with the Research, Development and Innovation Council, it coordinates the provision of State support for research and development. It is responsible for the relationship of the State budget with public health insurance and health insurance companies and fulfils the statutory obligations of the Ministry in the system of public health insurance, including the control of economic management and compliance of health insurance companies with applicable legislation. It develops or participates in the development of strategies, concepts, legislation and methodologies concerning the areas of the funded chapters, especially in terms of impacts on public budgets and ensuring the implementation of financial policy. It participates in the financing of EU and Czech joint programmes for chapters within the competence of the Department. It exercises the powers entrusted to the Ministry by Section 4(1), Section 12(8), Sections 32 and 36 and Section 45(2) of Act No 219/2000. It exercises the powers entrusted to the Ministry by Section 6(1) of Act No 203/2006. It prepares the Ministry’s opinions on public contracts in accordance with legislation in selected cases where the contracting authority is an entity within the competence of the Department. It performs legislative activity concerning closer conditions on the method of depositing and repaying of a security and the depositing and repaying of contributions to election costs.


  • 1401 - Social Affairs, Employment and Support for Non-Governmental Organisations Unit 
  • 1402 - Culture, Education and Research and Development Support Unit 
  • 1403 - Unit for Funding of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Other Budget Chapters, Political Parties and Movements
  • 1404 - Healthcare and Public Health Insurance Unit