Department 11 – State Budget

This department is involved in the creation of the state’s medium-term fiscal policy. It creates the legal framework for the creation and implementation of the state budget and the state final account and heading final account...


Department 11 participates in formulation of state budgetary and fiscal policies within the framework of budgetary rules and in the context of budgetary responsibilities. It carries out legislative activities in the field of creation and implementation of the State Budget, Economic Accounts for Agriculture (Czech abbreviation: SZÚ) and the final account of these budget chapters. It is responsible for generally overseeing Act No. 218/2000 Coll., on Budgetary Rules and related implementing legislation. It formulates proposals for approaches and starting points for compilation of the state budget and its medium-term outlook. Department 11 drafts the state budget and its medium-term outlook on the basis of documents provided by other departments of the Ministry. It manages methodological guidelines related to creation of the state budget and the Economic Accounts for Agriculture. It is in charge of analysing and evaluating performance of the state budget on a daily basis and creating short-term predictions. It is responsible for elaboration of the Economic Accounts for Agriculture and for implementation of a comprehensive financial settlement thereof with the state budget. It is in charge of its General Treasury Administration (Czech abbreviation: VPS) budget chapter. It formulates the legal framework for and methodologically manages monitoring and regulation of budgetary impacts of PPP projects. It methodologically manages and controls employment regulation parameters, analyses developments in employment and salaries in the government-regulated sphere, it prepares the Ministry's positions on working and service systematization proposals in various offices and oversees the Salaries and Income Information System. It executes activities of the Ministry pursuant to Section 4, paragraph 1, Sections 32, 36, 38, Section 43, paragraph 2 and Section 56, paragraph 5 of Act No. 219/2000 Coll., on the Property of the Czech Republic and its Representation in Legal Relations. It participates in the exercise of powers conferred to the Ministry pursuant to Section 4 paragraph 1 of Act No. 219/2000 Coll., from the point of view of the budgetary system and pursuant to Section 56 paragraph 5 of Act No. 219/2000 Coll. It provides support structure within the framework of Competence Centre’s activities in the field of budget preparation and implementation, especially methodological support to key users in the budget preparation and implementation process and formulates, in close cooperation with the Management of ICT Development (Department 70), the fundamental set-up of the budget system settings, and analyses change requirements for budget system amendments and its development. It formulates concepts for the budget system and the system of programme financing. It methodologically manages state budget expenditure in the area of programme financing and oversees developments and modifications of the relevant information systems for programme financing.



  • Unit 1101 – General Budgetary Relations
  • Unit 1102 – National Accounts
  • Unit 1103 – Governmental Wage Policy
  • Unit 1104 – Budgetary Legislation
  • Unit 1105