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Dept 35 - Financial Markets II
Dept 35 - Financial Markets II


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National Strategy for Financial Education

The National Strategy for Financial Education (hereinafter the “strategy”) is a comprehensive and systematic approach to reinforcing the financial literacy of citizens of the Czech Republic. The objective of the strategy is to create a financial education system aimed at increasing the level of financial literacy in the Czech Republic. The strategy defines the main issues as well as consequential priority tasks in the area, including specific tasks of the key players, with an emphasis on the public administration entities.

Financial education is a key element in consumer protection in the financial market and represents one of the objectives stipulated in the Framework Policy of the Ministry of Finance on Consumer Protection in the Financial Market.


Public Opinion Poll


In 2007, the Ministry of Finance published a public opinion poll on financial education. In particular, the goal of the research was to identify the attitude of Czech citizens to the question of financial education and the extent of their needs for further education in this area.

The research indicated an urgent need for systematic development of financial education in the Czech Republic.

Financial Education System for primary and secondary schools

Financial Education System for primary and secondary schools describes the process of increasing financial literacy at primary and secondary schools (i.e., implementing of financial education into school education).

It contains the Financial Literacy Standards which represent the ideal level of financial literacy for appropriate target group. Financial Education System for primary and secondary schools is fully referring to the Financial Education Strategy.

Working Group for Financial Education

Working Group for Financial Education is a long-term independent platform for discussions, exchange of information and experience and coordination of upcoming activities among all relevant stakeholders. Members of this WG represent

  • governmental institutions,
  • financial industry associations,
  • consumer associations
  • and education experts.

The overall objective of the WG is to ensure an effective cooperation among all of the above mentioned groups in the area of financial education.

Useful links

Czech Banking Association website on financial education

The Czech Banking Association initiated the creation of a financial education website on a non-commercial basis ( This website is dedicated to the general public and covers all the financial market sectors. It should help the consumers with information on financial terms and products.