Prague will host an international workshop on a new financial regulatory framework

oddělení 1002 - Tiskové a zahraniční protokol
oddělení 1002 - Tiskové a zahraniční protokol


  • Czech EU presidency 2009

Prague, June 11th, 2009

On 12-13 June, Prague will host an international workshop under the title “Towards a new financial regulatory framework”. The meeting is organised by the Ministry of Finance under the auspices of the Czech Presidency.

It will take place in the historic premises of Kaiserštejnský and Malostranský Palaces and besides experts from the EU Member States it will also host representatives of the European Commission.

Regulation in the area of banking, insurance and rating agencies, planned regulation of hedge funds and financial market supervision – such will be the topics of the Prague workshop. The event should reflect not only the successes achieved by the Czech Presidency in the area of financial services, but also present an opportunity for an informal exchange of views on the future form of the regulation of given areas.

The financial services sector became one of the key areas of Community interest during the Czech Presidency, especially with regard to the current financial and economic crisis, giving rise to a larger number of legislative proposals.

Radka Kohutová,
Spokeswoman of the Ministry of Finance

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