Dept 44 - Compensation and Restitution Agenda Department

The department exercises the Ministry’s powers as defined by Act No. 403/1990, Coll. and Act No. 42/1992, Coll., specifically the settling of claims made by cooperatives in connection with the issue of real estate pursuant...


It exercises the powers of the Ministry granted under Act No 403/1990 Coll. and Act No 42/1992 Coll. in the settlement of cooperative claims in relation to the issuance of property pursuant to Act No 403/1990 Coll. and Act No 87/1991 Coll. It carries out the Ministry’s activities as defined by Act No 403/1990 Coll. and Act No 87/1991 Coll. particularly relating to the provision of monetary and financial compensation and purchase price refunds. It handles queries concerning the property of foreign nationals left in the Czech Republic. It is responsible for the payment of compensation for insured deposits of credit union members emerging prior to 31 March 2006 and the rest of the agenda of the Credit Union Hedge Fund, now abolished. It exercises the powers of the Ministry arising from Section 19 of Decree of the President of the Republic No 95/1945 Coll. It prepares property law source documentation for the implementation of Sections 1 and 2 of Act No 212/2000 Coll. It exercises the powers of the former Assets Authority and its legal predecessors. It handles the national settlement of interstate property law agreements, including the settlement of security-related claims and liabilities of citizens the Czech Republic, the administration and liquidation of receivables and liabilities assumed from financial institutions, businesses and financial administrations, the settlement of receivables under Decree No 61/1986 Coll. and the administration and liquidation of property assets. It holds administrative proceedings and handles the organisational and administrative aspects of the work of the Commission for Administrative Proceedings on Appeals Filed Decisions of the Ministry within the department’s remit. It cooperates with the OGRPA in cases of assets for which, under Czech Government Resolution No 796 of 27 June 2008, the competence to manage those assets was transferred from the Ministry to the OGRPA, and assets for which the competence to manage was transferred from the Ministry to the OGRPA pursuant to Act No 153/2009 Coll.; it performs the rest of the agenda related to such assets. It carries out property law activities and management associated with immovable state property not managed by other departments of the Ministry. It handles any claims brought against the state on the basis of the effects resulting from Constitutional Court judgment No 278/2004 Coll. It performs legislative activity within its scope of competence. It administers and keeps records of file collections.


  • 4401 - Compensation Unit 
  • 4402 - Receivables Liquidation Unit 
  • 4403 - Compensation for Exercise of Public Authority Unit