Independent Unit 9003 - Cyber Security


This unit coordinates and synchronises the ICT units of the ministerial department (ICT of the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic, the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic and OGRPA). It creates the strategies and concepts of the ICT department, guidelines for project management and the operation of the ICT department and the ICT technical and security standards within the ministerial department and analyses the specifications of long-term project objectives. It handles communication with the National Cyber Security Centre. It coordinates and synchronises the activities of the ICT units of the ministerial department in all phases of the project life-cycle and prevents any duplication. It participates in the legislative process in ICT-related matters concerning the unification of Czech law with EU law, particularly in the creation of legislation when assessing and commenting within the framework of creating the concept and strategy of the state information and communication policy. It ensures collaboration with other public authorities in the field of ICT. It controls and coordinates the provision of departmental ICT services, monitors the quality and extent of ICT services (24x7),supervises compliance with the principles of project management and monitors compliance with safety standards and established methodologies and the contractual, technical and financial parameters of departmental ICT services.It defines the needs for the separate ICT Financial Management and Contractual Arrangement Unit and provides documentation for financial programming and the budget in line with the relevant concepts and strategies and in response to the needs of the ICT and User Support Department. It prepares the investment plans for individual projects; it also provides source materials for programme documentation and for entering purchased assets into the Ministry’s asset records, for the disposal of such assets and, upon completion, submits the documentation for evaluation.