Independent Unit 9003 - Cyber Security


It ensures cyber security (KB) under the Act on Cyber Security and Electronic Identification according to the law on creating confidence for electronic transactions in the Ministry’s sector (Ministry of Finance, Financial Administration of the Czech Republic, the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic, the Office for Government Representation in Property Affairs (ÚZSVM) and KFA). It creates concepts of the sector’s cyber security, internal rules and methodologies of managing cyber security, technical and safety ICT standards within the Ministry’s sector. It participates in the legislative process in the matters of harmonization of Czech law with EU law in areas that relate to cyber security, in particular with respect to legislative amendments, when assessing and commenting on them within the creation of the concept and policy strategies of cyber security. It ensures cooperation with other public authorities in the field of cyber security (KB). It manages and coordinates the provision of departmental services regarding cyber security (KB), monitors the quality and extent of the cyber security services operated (7x24), oversees compliance with the principles of cyber security management and monitors compliance with safety standards and established methodologies, contractual, technical and financial parameters of departmental cyber security services. It defines, in terms of subject manner, time and costs, the needs for a separate department of financial management and contractually ensuring ICT sector and ensures submission documents for financial programming and budget with regard to the prepared concepts and strategy in the field of cyber security and on the basis of the requirements of the Ministry’s ICT departments. It prepares investment plans of individual projects in the field of cyber security, including electronic identification; it supplies submission documents for program documentation and for entering of the purchased property into the property records of the Ministry, for its liquidation and after the termination of an event forwards the submission documents for their evaluation.