Dept 59 - ICT Operation Department


This department handles activities associated with the administration, operation and maintenance of computing centres, infrastructure and IS. It compiles, updates and administers operational and user documentation in accordance with the designated regulations and guidelines. It provides user support in response to requests filed with the ServiceDesk and provides service support for computer technology staff in all of the Ministry’s workplaces. It provides a support structure under the activities of Competence Centres (KC) for all ISTIS users, particularly support for selected activities associated with the operation of the nationwide ISTIS. It ensures the functionality of operational IS and departmental networks and evaluates and rectifies errors. It manages and supervises the functionality of all ICT for IS or their parts, and archives and administers IS databases. In response to requirements ascertained through user support and the operation of its computing centres it recommends the purchase of new ICT hardware and equipment or the restoration of existing equipment and passes on those requirements to be evaluated and carried out by the independent unit of Cyber Security and Strategic Management of the ICT Department, the ICT Development Department and the independent ICT Financial Management and Contractual Arrangement Unit. It is responsible for the operation of branch telephone exchanges and is involved in the implementation and pilot operation of IS. It cooperates with the Security and Crisis Management Department on physical (building) security and is responsible for technological correctness. It provides the Ministry with a backup electricity supply during power outages. It is involved in drawing up the national concept and strategy for the state information and communication policy in relation to the department’s sphere of competence. It participates in the creation of concepts and strategies for large IS systems within the Ministry. It is involved in the preparation and implementation of new comprehensive projects in the Ministry’s ICT. 



  • 5901 - IS Operation and User Support Department
  • 5902 - Infrastructure Operation and User Support Department
  • 5903 - State Treasury Operation and User Support Department
  • 5904 - Information Support and Library Department