Dept 13 - Department of Economic Administration

The department organises and carries out the work and services essential for the operation of the Ministry. It manages the buildings and property used by the Ministry for its activities...


The division ensures, organizes and carries out activities and provides services necessary for the Ministry’s operation. It manages land (plots), administers buildings, and property used by the Ministry for its activities. It performs tasks in the field of investment construction development and energy management. It ensures the development and fulfilment of the Ministry’s state energy policy, including sectoral organizations, and performs tasks related to the function of an administrative archive. It ensures dislocation of ministerial departments. According to the needs, it prepares documentation for public tenders in the field of its competence. It manages and administers real estate, which is owned by the Czech Republic, and which the Ministry is authorized to manage, with the exception of real estate, which is administered by the Replacement Agenda Division. It ensures economic activities associated with the reproduction of assets and operations of the Ministry. It ensures financial agenda of the Office of the Financial Arbitrator (management and administration of items in the AVIS system). It operates accommodation facilities of the Ministry. It manages and administers print and multifunction devices of the Ministry, including consumables and other ways of delivering print services. It handles internal regulations in the field of its competence.



  • 1301 - Economic and Investment Unit
  • 1302 - Facility cafeteria Unit
  • 1303 - Operations Unit 
  • 1304 - Mailroom and Administrative Archive Unit
  • 1305 - Building Management and Maintenance Unit
  • 1306 - Vehicle Operation Unit