Dept 20 - Debt and Financial Assets Management Department

The department is responsible for the state’s commercial operations and the management of the state debt. It implements short and long-term state financing, manages the state’s cash, debt strategy and the risks of the portfolio of treasury bonds...


This department is responsible for the state’s commercial activities related to the management of the national debt financial assets and contingent assets and liabilities within the department’s scope of competence and to the management of the liquidity of Treasury omnibus accounts. It prepares the financial market policy in these areas. It is responsible for the short-term and long-term financing of the state and keeps the state solvent on a day-to-day basis by carrying out money market operations and investing the balances of Treasury omnibus accounts, handles the state’s issue and debt strategy in line with the defined medium-term fiscal and financial policy, manages risks and sets limits for the debt portfolio and efficient portfolios within its scope of competence and administers the National Debt and Operation of State Financial Assets budgetary headings. During the course of these activities it issues and sells government bonds, handles the payment of all interest expenses and other related debt service costs and repays the principals of maturing bonds and loans received. It redeems and exchanges government bonds. It plans, prepares, negotiates and keeps records of bank loans, and handles the evaluation and all administration of bank loans. It analyses data on the financial markets, performs quantitative analyses of scenarios, tests the debt portfolio, simulates the state’s expected interest costs and analyses time series as a basis for strategic decision-making concerning the management of the national debt and financial assets. It administers state loans and repayable financial assistance provided from national financial assets and receivables from state guarantees implemented from national financial assets. It supplies statistical information about the debt service to international organisations and the CSO. It attends meetings on the Czech Republic’s rating class. It carries out conceptual activities and all aspects of the operative agenda associated with the Ministry’s tasks in relation to international financial institutions of which it is a member, i.e. EIB and CEB, and with which it has special contracts. Within its remit it assists in the creation of legislation covering issuance-related activities and other state operations on the financial markets, management of the national debt, financial assets and the liquidity of the Treasury, controlling and public sector accounting, drawing up documentation for the creation of accounting records for revenues, expenditures, assets and liabilities subject to the National Debt and Operation of State Financial Assets accounting centres. It cooperates with the organisational units of the Ministry to draw up concepts and strategies for the development of the Wallstreet Suite information system (WSS IS) and related interfaces. It is the functional administrator of the WSS IS and related information and business systems Reuters, MTS and Bloomberg. It keeps records and provides custody of securities CP. It handles the complete agenda for the provision of extra-budgetary loans and credit to domestic legal entities and is involved in defining the financial terms for the provision of international loans within the framework of bilateral and multilateral aid. It provides the services of a CSD participant on the basis of the Ministry’s membership of the Czech Republic’s settlement system during the performance of state financial operations and when keeping separate records of government bonds. It collaborates in the creation of the state’s payment system process and is involved in analysing requirements concerning the functional setup of the State Treasury system in relation to the management of state liquidity.


  • 2001 - State Financing and Liquidity Management Unit 
  • 2002 - Portfolio Risk Management and Strategy Unit 
  • 2003 - Financial Operations Administration and Settlement Unit 
  • 2004 -