Dept 14 - Financing of State Budget Chapters Department I

The department is responsible, in collaboration with the administrators of the chapters for the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Office of the President of the Republic...


In cooperation with the heading administrators MH, MLSA, Presidential Office, Chamber of Deputies, Senate of the Parliament, Government Office of the Czech Republic, MFA, Office of the Ombudsman, the Grant Agency (GA), MEYS, MC, MJ, OPPD, IPO, CSO, COSMC, CMA, OPC, Constitutional Court, Academy of Sciences, RRTV, TA and SAO, this department is responsible for funding the budgets of the individual headings, and with the State Cinematography Fund (SFK) and Czech State Fund for the Support and Development of Czech Cinematography (SFPRČK) for funding their budgets. It compiles medium-term outlooks for the headings and the SF, prepares drafts budgets for the headings and SF, and details expenditure frameworks and the appropriate budgetary limits. It evaluates the financial results of headings and the SF, evaluates, approves and implements budgetary measures, assesses and checks drafts of heading and SF final accounts, assists in the preparation of the comprehensive state final account and prepares the financial settlement of relations between the individual headings and SF and the state budget, and evaluates and checks the implementation of programme funding for the reproduction of the assets of funded headings. It incorporates total revenues from social security premiums and contributions to the state employment policy, total mandatory social expenditure, expenditure to support non-state entities and overall expenditure on research, development and innovation into the draft medium-term outlook and state budget. It provides state support for the activities of political parties and movements and the non-governmental sector from the state budget. In collaboration with the Research, Development and Innovation Council, it coordinates state support for research and development. It is responsible for budgetary relations with public health insurance and health insurance companies and performs the Ministry’s statutory obligations in the public health insurance system, including checks upon financial management and compliance with the legal standards by health insurance companies. It prepares or assists in the preparation of strategies, concepts, legislation and guidelines relating to heading funding, particularly as regards their impact on public budgets and ensuring the implementation of the financial policy. It collaborates in agendas concerning the funding of joint programmes implemented between the EU and the Czech Republic on behalf of the headings funded. It exercises the powers granted to the Ministry under Section 4(1), Section 12(8), Section 32 and 36 and Section 45(2) of Act No 219/2000 Coll. It exercises the powers granted to the Ministry under Section 6(1) of Act No 203/2006 Coll. It prepares opinions of the Ministry concerning public procurement pursuant to Section 156 of Act No 137/2006 Coll. in cases where the contracting authority is an entity within the department’s scope of competence. It exercises management control when funds are drawn from Public Treasury Administration heading items that fall within its competence. It is involved in the preparation of the decree that lays down more detailed conditions governing the payment and reimbursement of surety and the reimbursement of contributions to election costs.


  • 1401 - Social Affairs, Employment and Support for Non-Governmental Organisations Unit 
  • 1402 - Culture, Education and Research and Development Support Unit 
  • 1403 - Other Non-Profit Sector Financing Unit 
  • 1404 - Healthcare and Public Health Insurance Unit