Dept 54 - Ministry Accounting and State Financial Reporting Department

The department is responsible for performing of all of the tasks related to the financial accounting of the accounting entity of the Ministry of Finance. It makes accounting entries in the ministry’s books...


The department acts as methodological guarantor for economic analysis within the public sector and defines the requirements for sources of information needed for economic analysis. It drafts economic analysis reports and provides them to the relevant ministerial departments to enable operative and efficient management and planning of public finances and for evaluating the economy. It acts as methodological guarantor in respect to the state’s reported accounting information. It initiates changes and issues opinions on draft legislation relating to accounting in the public sector, the State Treasury and in ascertaining information for the needs of the state. The department is responsible for incorporating amendments to legislation in the area of accounting, including stocktaking of assets, liabilities, other assets and other liabilities, and in the area of the state’s property records in internal guidelines and the Ministry’s operating procedures. It acts in accordance with the guidelines and creates binding departmental accounting procedures, including those for the stocktaking of assets, liabilities, other assets and other liabilities and relating to state property records; it evaluates and approves these procedures for selected accounting units in the Ministry. It collaborates with other ministerial departments in the performance of their tasks where these fall within the scope of its competence. The department handles operations related to the financial accounting of the ministerial accounting unit (“MF accounting unit”). It keeps special records, i.e. in accounting for separate assets, liabilities, expenditures, income, other assets and other liabilities (hereinafter referred to as “special records”) on property privatised under privatisation projects. It also collaborates with the National Fund department in the area of reporting and the establishment of procedures for the accounting of transactions occurring during the management of EU funds under the NF. Within the scope of its competence, it complies with obligations relating to financial control within the Ministry and proposes systemic measures, concepts and guidelines for financial controls at the Ministry. It issues and submits bills of exchange to restituents and maintains certificated securities from the Privatisation Fund for the appropriate Ministry department. Together with other Ministry departments, and on behalf of the Ministry as a tax entity, it draws up and files returns for VAT and legal entity income tax, and also settles withholding tax. It acts as the administrator of the central bank account records for the Ministry. It participates in defining the state’s financial policies concerning the management of state property. It collaborates in defining the conceptual, coordination and procedural focus of management controls within the Ministry. It drafts periodic economic analyses and carries out extraordinary surveys and analyses on behalf of specific accounting centres and for the MF accounting unit as a whole, as well as for individual ministries, municipalities and the state as a whole. It carries out tasks relating to the compilation of the state’s financial statements on behalf of the Czech Republic and compiles accounting statements for the Czech Republic, for larger consolidated sub-units of the state and for consolidated sub-units of the state. It draws up policy to develop the administration of the internal affairs of the state and public administration in relation to the compilation of accounting statements on behalf of the Czech Republic and the state’s accounting reporting. It collaborates on the compilation of accounting statements on behalf of the Czech state and the state’s accounting reporting with departments from the State Property Section and the Financial Management and Audit Section to create a long-term strategy to support the information needs of the Ministry and its information and communication infrastructure, in coordinating the development, operation, innovation and maintenance of sets of information and communication systems, and cooperates in ensuring their harmonisation with the national information policy and other international requirements in operational and procedural areas. It manages and provides material coordination of the analysis, development and implementation of central ECIS modules for selected accounting units of the MF, is responsible for defining practical requirements for their operation, transmits requests and background documents to enable the updating of related information systems, participates in the work of project teams and coordinates the establishment of links between the modules. It provides administration for the central ECIS at an application level at the Ministry, gathers and processes requests to remove errors and failures in its operation, monitors and controls responses to these requests. It transfers accounting records to the CSO IS.


  • 5401 - Central Accounting Unit 
  • 5402 - Selected Economic Process Methodology Unit 
  • 5403 - State Financial Reporting Unit