Dept 62 - State Property Management Department

This department exercises the Ministry's powers as a central administrative authority for the area of management of state property and state property privatisation, i.e., for the area of transfer of state property...


This department exercises the powers of the Ministry as a central administrative authority in the area of state property management, including the general exercising of the state’s ownership and other property rights. In the privatisation of state assets the department exercises the powers of the Ministry in preparing transfers of state assets to other entities pursuant to Act No 92/1991 Coll. and Act No 178/2005 Coll. Within the scope of its competence the department drafts laws and implementing legislation and issues statements on draft legislation as part of comment procedures. The department drafts the state’s financial policy in state property management and and provides coordination and guidance for the uniform exercise of the state’s ownership rights. It exercises the powers assigned to the Ministry under Act No 219/2000 Coll., unless the said powers are assigned to any other unit of the Ministry. In relation to the sectoral OGRPA organisation, it fulfils the role of a coordinating unit and that of an information centre for the needs of the Ministry, exercising professional supervision over OGRPA activities, including methodological activities, and takes care of other tasks assigned to the scope of competence of the Ministry vis-a-vis OGRPA pursuant to Act No 201/2002 Coll., unless performance of such powers is assigned to any other relevant unit of the Ministry as per the applicable organisational rules. The department is in charge of the preparation and approval process for transfers of state assets to other entities within its scope of competence. It handles issues relating to EU rules governing the provision of public aid in transfers of state assets to other entities and in this it cooperates with the OPC and other ministries. It deals with issues arising from breaches of Act No 427/1990 Coll. and from restitution claims under Act No 87/1991 Coll. in relation to Act No. 92/1991 Coll. It produces and submits for resolution materials for exceptions to be granted pursuant to Section 47b of Act No 92/1991 Coll. It exercises the powers of the Ministry pursuant to Section 6(2) of Act No 503/2012 Coll. The department fulfils the roles of a coordinating unit in relation to the sectoral organisation Česká státní spořitelna s.p. 'in liquidation'.


  • 6201 - Property Unit 
  • 6202 - Methodological Supervision of State Property Management Unit 
  • 6203 - Transfer of State Property to Third Parties and Privatisation Approval Process Unit 
  • 6204 - Approval of State Property Disposal Unit