Independent Unit 9007 - Independent Unit – Cabinet and Secretariat of the Minister

The department covers...


This unit prepares analyses on specialised political problems for the Minister as a member of the government. It cooperates with the Minister’s Office Department in the administration and organisation of the Minister’s tasks as a member of the government. It prepares and manages the Minister’s weekly schedule and organises the Minister’s work programme. It works with the Minister’s Office Department, other units and state organisational units to prepare and coordinate official, business and private visits by foreign dignitaries to Minister. It works with the Minister’s Office Department to organise working trips abroad for the Minister. It prepares and keeps records of the relevant documentation for ministerial meetings, and cooperates with other units for this purpose. In collaboration with Minister’s Office Department it manages the Minister’s working contact primarily with the Government Office of the Czech Republic, Parliament, the Presidential Office and other bodies and institutions. It cooperates with the Minister’s Office Department in ministerial communication with the public and with the media, as well as with the Security and Crisis Management Department in the resolution of crises. It follows the Minister’s instructions in handling and recording his answers to personal invitations and letters.